Tanya "Storm" Youngblood

My name is Tanya Youngblood and I am 42 years old. ​I began competing in 2013 as an Open and Masters Fi​gure competitor. ​I w​on my pro card in overall Masters in ​my first competition for the INBF Drop zone Physique Showdown​. In 2014 I won my pro card in physique (Ms. Fit Body) in my first appearance in that division for the same INBF show. In 2015 I won my pro card in bodybuilding in the mecca of bodybuilding; Sacramento, C​A. WNBF Muscle Mayhem. ​ My interest in fitness ​began at the age of 6 going to the gym with my dad to watch him workout. When I turned 12 I began exercising at home to fitness shows. Eventually I started lifting weights around the age of 18, but never with the idea of competing. That did not come about till I was entering my 40's. ​I am the oldest daughter and firstborn of former professional bodybuilder James "Jim" Youngblood who competed in the late 70's early 80's in the NPC and NGA circuit. I am a personal trainer at Drop zone Fitness in Missouri City, TX.. Member of ODF (Operation Doctor Frankenstein), The Team Hardbodies​ and Sponsored Athlete for Finetix Fitness.

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